Altar Servers

The Church community is rather like a beautiful mosaic composed of different gems. On our own we may simply be a red or yellow or blue stone but together, wrote Henri Nouwen, we become a rich mosaic which reflects the face of Christ to the community. God calls each of us all to be part of that rich mosaic is different ways. Serving at the Altar on Sunday is one way of serving God and the family of the Church. Servers represent the ministry of service of the whole Church.

Our serving team at All Saints includes men and women and boys and girls. Their role is about helping the priest in the smooth running of the liturgy so that we can all worship of God as fully as possible. Servers may carry the processional cross, or acolytes candles or the Gospel book. They help to lay the vessels on the altar at the Eucharist and assist with clearing away afterwards. Some, who are licensed by the Bishop, also administer the chalice at the Eucharist. If you are interested in becoming an Altar Server please speak to Ann.

Altar Servers on Palm Sunday

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