Spiritual Companionship & Reconciliation

Spiritual Companionship
On the very first Easter Day in the evening, Luke’s gospel tells us that two disciples walked together on the road to Emmaus. At first they were very downcast. All they could think about was the Crucifixion. Then Jesus came up and walked with them, although they did not realise it was him. As he walked and listened and talked with them, their hearts ‘burned with joy’. However, they still did not recognise him and it was not until they reached an inn and Jesus stopped to share a meal with them that, as he broke the bread, their eyes were opened. They rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the others that they ‘had seen the Lord’.

Ever since that day, Christian disciples have been walking together on the journey of faith and we believe that as we walk and share our faith with one another, Jesus Himself comes alongside to encourage and guide us. Many Christian disciples find it helpful to have a spiritual companion who has been trained to listen at depth, to help them see and hear what God is doing in their lives so they can respond more fully. If you would like to find out more about having a spiritual companion or ‘soul friend’ then do contact Ann or look on the Chelmsford Diocesan web site.

As part of our faith journey we sometimes recognise that things we have said or done are becoming stumbling blocks to deepening our relationship with God and with others. The Church offers the ministry of Reconciliation as a way of us owning these things and then receiving God’s forgiveness and healing so that we can make a ‘fresh start’. That forgiveness and fresh start is available for all of us who ask, no matter what we have said or done. If you want to find out more about the Ministry of Reconciliation then do speak to Ann or David who would be only too willing to help you.

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