‘Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God that continues for the rest of our lives’ ( preface of the Baptism Service). Confirmation is another important marker on our faith journey. When we are confirmed we take on the promises made for us by our parents and godparents at our baptism. In front of the Family of the Church we promise that we will turn our lives round to follow Christ, through joining with our fellow Christian disciples in worship, by growing in our prayer life and by the way we live our lives and relate to others. 

The Bishop confirms each candidate by laying his hands on them and anointing them with Holy Oil (the Oil of the Catechumens) as a sign that we are being ‘sealed’ with God’s Holy Spirit. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit which guides and encourages us in our faith journey. There is a time of preparation before confirmation, when along with others, we learn more about the Christian faith and the promises we will make. Confirmation can take place when someone is 10+ but there is no upper age limit. If you are interested in exploring confirmation further please speak to Ann.

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